2nd Panadriatic Meeting, i Topics

Novi Sad, Serbia – 26/28th of September 2019

Institute of cardiovascular desease of Vojvodina, Novi Sad
Cattedra di Cardiologia Università di Tor Vergata, Roma
In Partnership with SISMED -Società Italiana Scienze Mediche

Scientific Board

Aleksandar Redžek (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Francesco Romeo (Rome, Italy)

Executive President
Gabriele Catena (Teramo, Italy)

Scientific coordinators
Giuseppe Gullace (Milan, Italy)
Slobodan Dodić (Novi Sad, Serbia)

Invited Speakers

  • Fausto Pinto, Portugal
  • Giuseppe Novelli, Italy
  • Francesco Barillà, Italy
  • Andrea Salmaggi, Italy
  • Antonio Ardizzoia, Italy
  • Michele Triggiani ,Italy
  • Eugenio Cosentino, Italy
  • Marcello Chiocchi, Italy
  • Massimo Di Nicola, Italy 
  • Viktor Persic, Croatia
  • Petar Seferović, Serbia
  • Ilija Srdanović, Serbia
  • Veselin Mitrović, Germany
  • Vadim Sushynski, Bielarus
  • Natallia Maroz-Vadalazhskaya, Bielarus
  • Oxana Teslova, Bielarus

Main Topics

Hyppocratic and Modern Medicine: what is changed

  • Lecture: Hyppocrates’ revolution and critical points in modern Medicine.
  • Ethics of responsibility in Medicine.
  • Communication in Medicine and Social Network.
  • The doctor-patient relationship in the era of technology.
  • Ethics, Marketing, Pharmacoeconomy and Care Need interaction.

Round Table on: How to correct critical points in Modern Medicine

  • Role of the Politics
  • Role of Scientific Societies
  • Role of the Mass Media
  • Role of the University

Interventional Cardiology – Live Session from IKVDV – Tor Vergata Cath Labs

  • Lecture: Interventional Cardiology: today and tomorrow
  • Lecture:  Imaging in heart valve pathology: multimodality or fusion?
  • Lecture:  Heart Surgery: which evolution for the future? 
  • Lecture: Cardiovascular diseases in the era of genoma
  • Lecture: Microbiota, Epigenetics and physiopathology of atherosclerosis    

Therapy: how to cope the new challenges?

  • Lecture: Which therapeutical pathway to counteract dyslipidemia and reach the optimal target?
  • Very older population: how we treat arterial hypertension?
  • How to increase adherence: mono or combination therapy?
  • NOA and antiplatelet therapy: who will take advantage from association?
  • Sudden cardiac death in athletes: how to manage it?
  • Lecture: Cardiac rehabilitation: in all? and when?

Heart Failure: a multidisciplinary approach

  • Lecture: Ventricular dysfunction and heart failure: definition and diagnosis
  • New orientation in the therapy of HF
  • Diabetes and HF: dangerous relations or new opportunities?
  • HF and renal dysfunction: where is the reciprocal help?  
  • Heart and Brain: how do they interact in HF? 
  • NMR vs CT in ischemic Heart Desease: the reasons of a choice

Woman vs Man: is it only a problem of sex?

  • Lecture: Woman vs Man: the strength of differences
  • Woman diseases of third age
  • Immuno and innovative therapies: is there a different response in woman vs  man?
  • Cardiotoxicity in oncology: is there a different reponse in woman vs man?

Heart Surgery 

  • Aortic dissection: to stent or not to stent?
  • Aortic repair or replacement?
  • Mitral repair or replacement ?
  • Heart chambers and prosthetic valves thrombosis: from new guidelines to real practice 

DOACs : what should we know?

  • DOACs in Atrial Fibrillation
  • DOACs in the elderly patient
  • Sinus rhythm, ischemic heart disease and DOACs: is it the new frontier?
  • DOACs in the nephropathic patient

Arterial Hypertension: new drugs or Greater therapeutic adherence?

Family and non family dyslipidemias.

International Triangular Game in Cardiology on interesting cases

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