Inter-regional italian differences about COVID-19 disease

An hystorical-genetical hypotesys involving aplotipe R1b

In Italy, Civil Protection Department updates and publishes data on coronavirus patients on a daily basis, specifying mortality rates, recoveries and hospitalizations in intensive care, subgrouping them by regions and provinces (1). The epidemiological observations herein reported are based on data published and updated on March 20, 2020, available on the Italian Civil Protection Department website (2).

Was demonstrated that the covid-19 in italian people has an higer mortality that in China. Some people hypnotized a mutation of the virus, but the sequence of Italian virus was reported like the same then in China (2)

The hypothesis of our analysis to demonstrate the higher mortality was that historical and genetic factors may contribute to varying the prognosis of the patients affected by coronavirus. To test our hypothesis we analyzed regional data, and we made the following deductions:

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